Business Advertising

Relevé Dance Competitions believes business owners and our talented studio directors should have the opportunity to let audience members know them better. Our advertising program creates an opportunity for our loyal clients to promote their business & studios at the level and visibility they desire.

There is space available in both the regional and national competition programs! If you advertise in more than one Regional program we will offer a 10% discount for each ad. If you advertise in all 6 Regionals and Nationals we will offer a 25% discount for each ad.

Get the advertising submission form here!

You can choose from business card, quarter-page, half-page or full page advertising to meet your business needs. (All options below include the required scale of advertising image.)

Business Card (2 x 3.5)

Regional Program: $25.00

National Program: $30.00

Quarter Page (3.75 x 5)

Regional Program: $50.00

National Program: $55.00

Half Page (7.5 x 5)

Regional Program: $75.00

National Program: $85.00

Full Page (7.5 x 10)

Regional Program: $100.00

National Program: $110.00