Adjudicated Awards

Relevé judges are comprised of professional caliber studio directors, instructors, artistic coordinators, and performing dance professionals. Each judge is highly qualified and trained to objectively critique, in a variety of genres, while remaining sensitive to the various skill levels represented by dancers’ differing ages. A panel of three judges, two artistic and one technical, adjudicates each entry. Routines will be adjudicated against a point system. The point system can fluctuate to balance each competition in regards to different judges and competitiors. By doing so this will ensure that each dancer will have a positive experience and receive a more accurate evaluation of their performance at that particular competition.

With this score system, multiple Purple Diamond, Blue Diamond, Pink Diamond & White Diamond(highest) adjudication awards may be presented within each age division for each category of competition. Three Audio/Video Critiques for each routine will be avaliable on our website. You may access these files by logging in to your account following each award ceremony. All critiques and scores are confidential to the dancer and teacher. Judges’ decisions are final.

Awards will be determined in proportion to the number of competitors.

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