Registration Fees

Registration Fees

Login to your Relevé account for more information on Studio and Soloist Rates.

General Information

Please login to your Relevé account or email [email protected] for information on all registration fees. Registration can be performed through your online Relevé account or by mail in registration. All fees must be paid by studio checks, credit cards, or cashiers checks. Placing routines in your account or in your cart will not complete the registration process for that routine at the competition. Registration is not acknowledged by Relevé until fees are paid in full.

Promotions/Special Discounts

To be eligible for discounts you must have entries and fees in by the designated due date. If you do not have all entries and fees paid by date given, no discount will be given.

Competition Late Fees

Late entries must be postmarked 14-30 (14th day is the closing date) days before the competition date and must include the late fee. The late fee is $10 per dance. Entries after 14 days will not be accepted.


Relevé reserves the right to cancel any competition due to weather, number of entries, or any other circumstance deemed necessary. Once registered, NO REFUNDS will be authorized unless it qualifies within the cancellation guidelines. Cancellations will be considered for medical and funeral issues only.