Riverton High School

Riverton, Utah

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Competition Schedule

  • Friday March 5th

    Competition Schedule - Petite Solos, Mini Solos, Junior Solos and Senior Solos

    2:30 PM
    Competition Begins

    4:44 PM 
    Petite and Mini Solo Awards

    6:52 PM
    Junior Solos and Senior Competitive Solo Awards

    10:30 PM
    Senior Elite, Premier and Xtreme Solo Awards

  • Saturday March 6th  

    Competition Schedule - Duo/Trios, Teen Solos and All Groups

    7:00 AM
    Duo/Trio Competition Begins

    8:12 AM
    Teen Solos Begin

    10:07 AM
    Duo/Trio And Teen Solo Awards

    10:37 AM
    Petite Group Competition Begins

    11:48 PM
    Judges Break

    12:10 PM
    Petite Group Awards

    12:34 PM
    Mini Group Competition Begins

    1:55 PM
    Petite/Mini/Junior Production Begin

    2:09 PM
     Judges Break

     2:30 PM
    Mini Group & Petite/Mini/Junior Production Awards

    2:55 PM
    Junior Group Competition Begins

    4:57 PM
    Teen Group Competition Begins

    5:33 PM
    Junior Group Awards

    7:02 PM
    Teen/Senior Production Begin

    7:06 PM
    Senior Group Competition Begins

    7:33 PM
    Teen Group & Teen/Senior Production Awards

    10:28 PM

    10:45 PM
    Senior Group Awards

Free Master Class at every competition!

Past Master Class Instructors

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