Our Story

Our Story

Relevé Dance Competitions

We are dedicated to providing you the opportunity, through a competitive and positive atmosphere, to develop skills that will last a lifetime. The discipline and commitment it takes to achieve better performances will carry over to every aspect of a young dancer’s life. We hope to encourge you to be a winner in all life has to offer.

Our first priority is the dancer. It is our belief that all dancers be given the opportunity to gain self-confidence and pride in their achievements, and that these experiences offer a constructive, positive influence on their growth and well-being. We offer competitions that illustrate these beliefs.

Relevé believes every dancer should experience the excitement and importance of their personal achievement and contribution. All participants will receive a participation souvenir as part of their experience at Relevé Dance Competitions.

The most important thing that participants will walk away with by attending Relevé is a feeling that their hard work and dedication towards something they love as much as dance is appreciated and enjoyed. At our events, awards are given in a way that makes everyone feel proud of what they have accomplished, regardless of the score.

Relevé Dance Competitions is part of a non-profit organization and is owned and operated by Lori Heaton.


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