Only Relevé offers a free Master Class at each competition! Our Master Class is free for all dancers who are registered and participate in the competition. Each dancer will learn choreography and vital skill and technique from an amazing instructor.

We hope that by offering this experience to dancers they will gain a better appreciation for the art of dance. Our Master Classes will educate dancers from some of the best in the industry. Check out our Master Class page to learn more about some of the instructors.

5 Reasons Why Relevé Rocks!

We are dedicated to providing you the opportunity to develop skills that will last a lifetime, through a competitive and positive atmosphere. The discipline and commitment it takes to achieve better performances will carry over to every aspect of a young dancer’s life. We hope to educate and elevate you to be a winner in all life has to offer.

The most important thing that participants will walk away with by attending Relevé is a feeling that their hard work and dedication towards something they love as much as dance is very appreciated and enjoyed. At our events awards are given in a way that makes everyone feels proud of what they have accomplished regardless of the score.

Relevé established a policy of using stages for the dance competitions. Doing this allows the best view of the performers for the judges and audience and most importantly gives the performers the professional feeling of “being on stage”. Occasionally, solo, duo/trios could possibly peak at maximum capacity and then we will have to open up another portion of the venue (gymnasium)  to accommodate the registrants.

Relevé has always taken pride and care in selecting judges based on professional training, broad background and experience. Relevé judges are also chosen for their warmth with children and the ability to provide educated, useful critiques to dancers and teachers

From the friendly Relevé staff, to the professional organization of the event, and the variety of great dance products for sale; Relevé encourages dancers to pursue their dreams in an atmosphere designed totally for the dancers and teachers in mind.

Owner of Relevé Dance Competitions
Lori Heaton