Our Story

Releve Dance Competitions

At Relevé Dance Competitions, we are committed to providing dancers with an exciting and positive atmosphere in which to develop skills that will last a lifetime. We believe that the discipline and dedication required to improve one’s performance in dance can translate to success in other areas of life. Our goal is to encourage all dancers to be their best selves and to achieve their personal best.

Our primary focus is on the dancers themselves. We believe that all dancers deserve the opportunity to build self-confidence and pride in their accomplishments, and we aim to create a competition environment that supports and promotes their personal growth and well-being.

At Relevé, we value the importance of personal achievement and contribution. Every dancer who participates in our competitions will receive a souvenir to commemorate their experience. We believe that the most meaningful takeaway from our events is the sense of pride and accomplishment that dancers feel, regardless of their scores.

As a non-profit organization, Relevé Dance Competitions is owned and operated by Lori Heaton, who is dedicated to making every dancer feel appreciated and valued. We hope that our competitions will inspire dancers to embrace their passion for dance and to celebrate their hard work and dedication.