Chase Wise
Chase began his formal training at The Dance Establishment in Ogden Utah. After training in Hip hop for three years and technically training for a year, Chase was offered an apprenticeship with Odyssey Dance Theater. Chase just finished his seventh season with Odyssey Dance Theater. Throughout his training Chase has been able to work and learn from some of the dance world's foremost choreographers including Ronen Koresh, Justin Giles, and Mandy Moore. Since his training with Odyssey, Chase has had the pleasure of working with Four Site Films and other directors in small dance films. His enthusiasm for dance has also taken him around the state to teach multiple styles of dance to kids of all ages and skill level. “Seeing the progression of a dancer is the most rewarding moment of teaching.” Also, his excitement for dance has given him opportunities to work in both a company setting as well as the commercial industry. Most recently he has traveled with Odyssey Dance Theatre to Europe for his fourth time, where he played Romeos cousin Benvolio, in “Romeo and Juliet: One Funky Tale.” Chase also, appeared on "A Chance to Dance" where he was able to work with the creators of the Ballet Boys. Chase recently worked with Bonnie Storey, where he assisted her in choreographing the halftime show for the Sugar Bowl. Dance has become a part of Chases life and something that continues to give him complete satisfaction. Chase is thankful for every moment given to teach, dance or experience the art of movement.