Precious Stovall
Precious Stovall was born in Las Vegas Nevada, and raised in Stansbury Park Utah. She has always had a love and passion for dance and spent most of her free time learning what she could before she could afford lessons at the age of 14. She began training hip hop at Extravadance studio under the amazing Marc Cameron (aka Big Chocolate) and began Breakin under Terry Post aka Bboy Bangkok. From there she joined the crew UDO (Urban Dance Organization ) and continues to teach and train all styles of Hip Hop wherever she can. She has worked with artists such as Yolanda Arrey, Tristan Gray, Alex Boye, Marj Desius, Natalie Keys, Nyesha Meka, Marc Cameron and many more! She enjoys attending conventions,classes,and workshops to expand her knowledge. Precious has performed in many shows such as “They Reminisce”, “Urban Fairytalez”, and “The New School.” She is an instructor at The Pointe Academy, Just Dance Studio, and at the HERC (Hip Hop Education Resource Center). She has been involved and participates in various battles, music videos, and programs in order to expand and promote the culture. At the HERC in particular, they work to spread the four elements of Hip Hop’s culture/artistry to everyone! The goal for her is to continue to strengthen her knowledge in all styles and inspire others worldwide through her experiences and movement.