Tadd Gadduang
Tadd Gadduang is an Urban Artist/Dancer who describes himself as a “living-room bloomer” whenever asked about his roots in dance. With no formal training, Tadd picked up dancing around the age of 15 simply as an outlet at first, but slowly realized his deep passion for it soon after graduating high school. Utilizing his strong discipline from his background in the Filipino Martial Art of Kali, and his natural ability to pick up movement, helped him branch out of his Urban Styles of dance to learn other various genres from Ballroom, to Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary to just name a few. Tadd's constant hunger to learn and grow in everything he does drove him to start his career with many live stage performances under the supervision and mentor of various directors such as Bonnie Story, Paul Winkleman, Rick Robinson, and Derryl Yeager. These experiences soon lead him to land roles in a few major films and television productions involving the direction of Kenny Ortega, Mandy Moore, Fatima Robinson, Nappy Tabs, Travis Wall, Adam Shankman and many others. His film/commercial work includes Disney's 'High School Musical 2 & 3', MTV's/Paramount's 'The American Mall', and Sara Lee's 'Dance With Joy Commercial'. In 2011 Tadd auditioned for the hit Fox television show 'So You Think You Can Dance Season 8' and made it all the way to the Top 4, being the first Bboy/Street Dancer to make it in the show's Finale. Outside of dance he attends college with a major in Physical Therapy and a minor in Psychology pursuing his Bachelor's & Master's Degree. Because Tadd loves dance for its Artistry and Self-Development, he continues to focus on his Humanitarian goals, which he simply puts as "helping create positive opportunities in Our World." He remains dedicated and involved with a wide-range of youth, community and charity programs across the Nation and over seas. When you cross paths with Tadd be ready because he loves to give Hugs, and wishes to make you Laugh. Above all, he will ask that you continue to "Please Smile!"