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How do I access my Free Videos?

To access the free videos of your dancer’s routines, follow these steps:

  1. Create or log in to your Relevé account at
  2. Enter your Studios Link ID, which you can obtain from Relevé Services or Studio Director.
  3. Select the “Dancers” button
  4. Click “Add Dancer” and fill out the required information, then select “Save.”
  5. Navigate to Events (select Relevé logo to get back to the home page), then select Current Events.
  6. Choose the competition where your dancer competed.
  7. Click on the “Results” button located at the bottom right.
  8. You’ll find a list of routines your dancer participated in; choose the desired one for download.
  9. The video without commentary will appear on the far right; click the download button below it.

Email [email protected] if you have any problems.

Updated: March 11, 2024