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What is Relevé’s Disclaimer?

Photography and Video recording from any media devices (i.e. digital cameras, cell phones, SLR’s, Flip, etc.) is strictly prohibited during classes and competition with the exception of family members. This is to enforce the children’s safety and privacy, as well as protecting the work of choreographers and faculty.

Photographs/recordings of participants by any of the Relevé staff, contractors, or members of the press become the property of Relevé and may be used for future publicity. All spectators and performers attend at their own risk; Relevé Dance Competitions and its organizers are not responsible for any injuries incurred and your registration and participation means implied consent. Third party photos are strictly prohibited. Relevé reserves the rights to control and mandate all venue images. The sale of any photos for profit from a Relevé competition by any third party vendor, studio or patron is strictly prohibited.

Updated: July 27, 2022