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What are your performance genres?

All routines must be dominant in a specific performance category. A performance category will determine how the judges will adjudicate each routine. For example, a routine categorized as “ballet” should include classical ballet movements and technique. The judges will score this routine based on the performers ability to perform the chosen style.

  • Ballet/Pointe – Includes classical or contemporary ballet movements and technique. Routine must consist of ballet technique, classical steps and movements. To protect the integrity and to ensure a quality event, no acrobatic tricks are allowed in this category.
    Character/Musical Theater – A routine portraying an easily recognizable character that utilizes Broadway or theater dance styles. Routine must portray a character throughout.
  • Contemporary/Lyrical – Routine incorporating lyrical, ballet or jazz movement fused with modern contemporary elements. Routine should utilize contemporary style to show extension and balance. Dancers interpret the lyrics, mood and content of the music. Routine encompasses the use of balance, flexibility and control utilizing the lyrics and feeling of the music. The routine can combine the techniques of Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary.
  • Hip Hop – Street or contemporary jazz-funk. Routine consisting primarily of Hip Hop Technique including break dancing, street funk, and pop & lock. The music must not contain inappropriate lyrics.
  • Jazz – Contains traditional jazz movements and technique.
  • Specialty – Routines which do not fit into one of our performance categories. It can also be a routine which is a combination of two or more of our performance categories. Or a routine using other styles of dance such as Acro, Ballroom, Cheer, Clogging etc.
  • Tap – A routine containing tap technique and primarily tap work. Tap shoes only.
  • Production – Must include at least 20 dancers and be 4-10 minutes long. May contain any style or combination of styles of dance with a story line or theme. It may contain multiple ages, skill levels, dance forms, props, stage sets, or special effects.
Updated: July 27, 2022